Sunday, November 23, 2008

Something that cheers me a lot.....
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CalPlus Calendar +

The today plugin for calendar stinks. So we need another one to show us the details using less real estate on the WinMO today screen. This one does exactly that.
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A_C S2P and S2V

This Guy makes great stuff for WINMO. A_C is the code name. S2P and S2V are the products. They allow you to play music and manage pictures using your thumb.
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Throttlelock from the same guys who made ThrottleLauncher. This one is inspired by android.
Search for this in google.
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Finger friendly contact manager for winmo. With kinetic scrolling. A dialer is also coming out. I hope they come with callerid and incall app.

Search for iContact and iDialer
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PocketCM Keyboard

Very nice keyboard replacement for Winmo, can be customized a lot. Inspired by the iphone fever. I love it since it allows me to type using one hand and thumb (thank God for opposing THUMB, mankind still needs it, thumbs up dude.)

Seach for pocketCM, will reach a site that has a lot of products. Download the keyboard and dont be lazy, read the manual....and use it....
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Want to read rss feed and also receive podcasts on mobile. This application is the answer. Though we would need support of telecom operator to reduce the data charge else while you are unaware this guy will download your $$$$ to the telecom operator.

Suggested use over a wifi connection with unlimited net usage. As for link search google for beyondpod and then match the above imaged.

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Check this out. The best replacement ( huh !) for the missing functionality (ya missing) in all winmo where the geeks (no no please !) at microsoft forgot to figure out how people will use the phone. They did such a great job of just figuring that out when making windows that its a very usable and unstable platform. Usability won there. Here winmo is neither usable nor stable but this one will make it.
Great, functional, says what it does
Slow, needs .NET CF 2.0 and above preferably on main mem.

Still good.
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