Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Android App List

I have given some links. Please search and find the application using the keyword. Loginto Google with the same account as used on phone and you can install directly

* My phone is rooted so I can run all these apps. Many need root (*). If you don't know what rooted mean skip the entries with * in them !

  • Business Calendar (Better than stock and has a nice widget)
  • CalWidget (With stock calendar. Good widget)
  • SMSBackup (Backups all SMS to google with a tag)
  • LauncherPro (Too heavy now but had paid :( !)
  • Zeam (Really small and works)
Though using the stock launcher now !

  • Tweetdeck
  • Tweetdark (Black themed version of Tweetdeck)
  • G+ (As tweetdeck still does not support this)
  • If I had space would have used (FB/Twitter/Foursquare)
  • Blogger (Haven't yet posting anything using it due to bad keyboard)
  • NewsRob with Google Reader Account
  • Greader
  • Google Reader
  • QuickPic (as the pics come fast though for picasa I have to use the Gallery)
  • Color Flashlight (Love the cop light and siren)
  • QQPlayer (Supports a lot of formats)
  • FBReader (support all non DRM books). Lot of free ebooks are there to read
  • Google Books (only works in US)
System Utils:
  • *App2Sd
  • *SetCPU (If you are on xda-dev then you can get it free ;) )
  • *Quick Reboot
  • *Chainfire3D
  • AndExplorer (Used by the TypeFresh font changer. I use Ubuntu font now)
  • SpareParts for faster animation and other settings
  • Battery Indicator (As the stock android I have does not show % properly !)
  • *Battery Calibration (Charge to full and click this. Will reset the battery. Then proper reading are shown for battery)
  • *AdFree (No ads please)
  • Google Voice (Got the account somehow and now use it for SMS to US)
  • Skype (Works well though really resource hungry)
  • Viber (Works pretty well though resource hungry)
  • Linphone Video (Works really well with by Spokn account)

My Own:
  • FalakCallerID (Shows a popup with the location and operator in India Only.)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tomcat 7 APR

Tomcat 7 with APR
After a long time (must be 5 years or so) decided to play with Tomcat 7. Have a RHEL6 and so wanted the APR too. Just had to do some more things to get it up and working. Good I have the gcc/make etc already configured on my Linux (for VMware and NVidia native driver).
  1. First downloaded Tomcat 7
  2. Then followed the steps to set JAVA_HOME and JRE_HOME
  3. and it worked. Stopped it
  4. Extract the native from bin gz file.
  5. Tried compiling, didn't work. Said APR not there
  6. Checked a blog, found the APR source, built that one and installed it using 'sudo'
  7. Built tomcat native with the APR above, it worked. Installed it too using 'sudo'
  8. Start Tomcat and it did not pick up the APR
  9. Ah...had forgot to update the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. So updated it and viola it works.
  10. 5 years and still I can do it (well just followed instructions)
Next steps: Need to setup as a daemon.

Here the log where it loaded the things.
1 Jul 12, 2011 8:25:40 PM org.apache.catalina.core.AprLifecycleListener init
2 INFO: Loaded APR based Apache Tomcat Native library 1.1.20.

And the admin web page


Max threads: 200 Current thread count: 0 Current thread busy: 0 Keeped alive sockets count: 0
Max processing time: 0 ms Processing time: 0.0 s Request count: 0 Error count: 0 Bytes received: 0.00 MB Bytes sent: 0.00 MB

StageTimeB SentB RecvClientVHostRequest

P: Parse and prepare request S: Service F: Finishing R: Ready K: Keepalive


Max threads: 200 Current thread count: 5 Current thread busy: 3 Keeped alive sockets count: 0
Max processing time: 1769 ms Processing time: 1.967 s Request count: 2 Error count: 1 Bytes received: 0.00 MB Bytes sent: 0.01 MB

StageTimeB SentB RecvClientVHostRequest
S28 ms0 KB0 KB127.0.0.1localhostGET /manager/status HTTP/1.1

P: Parse and prepare request S: Service F: Finishing R: Ready K: Keepalive