Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Connect all cloud together and call it a Rain App !!

Sp basically I create a UI on heroku, take a nice domain like afalak.cf from freedomain

Connect it to a heroku microapp running nodejs !! or simple javascript static

Create a go service to feed it some data

Create a camel spring based dynamic router on predix to basically route other internet rest services to my heroku nodejs

now should i hit them via nodejs revers or direct using CORS 


Tried to deploy beego api on Predix and it did not. App did so why the hell this is not going in

GoDeps fails too, maybe will try glide....and it works

tried to see if its beego issue or predix by deploying on heroku, it did not work but saw the log, something about setting env to be prod to find goroot, gopath

Set it and works
Set it on predix and it works.....why predix did not show that log !!!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Misgivings of leader

Hiring is all about getting right people but when u select from a subset of people just for boosting diversity you show disrespect to people who have skilled themselves up the right way

There are various others ways to attract diverse talent. Then again retaining those talents also needs culture changes at grassroot level and at the very top leadership level

Job postings and work description also needs to be articulated clearly to emphasize goals rather that "getting it done", "slam dunk" and "hitting it out of the ballpark" culture

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Perfect burn down chart

If the result of your work is a smooth, perfect, regular and continuous burn down chart. I pity your team and your profession. You are still in that mindset which believe robots and not humans estimate and work.

If with humans u still r able to get a smooth chart, then ur work is too monotonous/unappealing/not innovative to challenge the estimation process.

U r still hunting for an efficient six sigma process in this disruptive world were pivots, spikes & fail fast r the methods to beat the competition. Pls stop using and then blaming agile.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Digital shunners & digital world

Once a leader saw me wearing a bluetooth haedset & stated he won't be assimilated, referring to the borg from star trek. Tough time for those leaders who shunned technology during the last decade and now have to drive it as their company decides to go digital and move into platforms and monetizing apps. They look uncomfortable and out of place. Can a person who neither understands or is able to figure out the new platforms of information build a strategy for something similar ? Is their company taking a big risk by putting them in the driver seat ? Only time will tell and hope it does not run out for these companies.
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Wow ! mariadb j driver is faster or ...

Just played around in fuse with queries/s metrics on mysql. After a lot of dbcp tuning got it to 4k/s.

The just for the heck of it switched to mariadb j connector. 5k/s !
How ? Why ?
Have checked many times. Same result. No idea.

Also if dbcp2 can't load your driver just create a bean and give it the ref. It will work !

Basic ds is way faster than shared pool ds and put the password in conn props to hide from jmx.

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Jetty increase by using httpj helps

When you are alone with yourself you tend to think. Just tweaked cxf transport to use async always a d also increase the jetty config. Checked in jmx and works great too

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